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Persistence | Magic Bus Dreams

Persistence Update | June 2022

Welcome to the world of Persistence, the 30 foot beast of a bus, made by infinite collaborations. She is not just a bus, she is a sacred space birthed from a place called Forest Creek Dreams. Her mission is to help people connect with their hearts and dreams through sensory and intuitive exploration. The path…
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Persistence Updated Interior

Persistence Update | Progress Report

July 10, 2021 | Alison gives us a silent walk through of the partially remodeled but fully decorated Persistence then expresses Gratitude for her Musician friends who performed at Forest Creek Dreams and Artists Friends who contributed to Magic Bus Dreams.   Alison briefly shares her Vision Boards for New Moon manifestations before showing us…
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Persistence Remodel Update

Persistence Remodel | Progress Report

July 7, 2021 | Alison gives us Progress Update on the interior work done to REVITALIZE Persistence. She shows off the new cushions that were made for the Custom Bench that has built-in storage compartments and also folds out into a Day Bed.

Preparing Persistence

Preparing Persistence | Progress Report

July 2021 | Alison is excited to share how Persistence has been prepared for her first major Road Trip and shows what’s new with Persistence and describes what to expect next.  

Persistence Gets New Floor

Persistence Gets New Floor | Update

May 12, 2021 | Brett of Kridana Outdoors is working on remodeling the interior of Persistence and installs a NEW floor that will give Persistence a SOLID Foundation and a Clean Slate to build upon.  

Persistence Reimagined

Persistence Reimagined | Progress Report

May 3, 2021 Part 2 | Persistence Reimagined Brett of Kridana Outdoors is working on the interior floor plan of Persistence and discusses the various options with Alison on how they should proceed.  

Starting From Scratch | Magic Bus Dreams

Starting From Scratch | Progress Report

May 3, 2021 Part 1 | Starting From Scratch Brett of Kridana Outdoors is working on the interior of Persistence and gives Alison an update before he removes everything to replace the flooring and eventually REBUILD Persistence from the ground up with an all new floor plan.  

Persistence Interior Remodel

Interior Remodel Update | Progress Report

April 6, 2021 | Brett of Kridana Outdoors gives us a brief look at some of the rehab work being done to give Persistence an extended life with an improved layout and structured to support her new purpose.  

Persistence Exterior Artwork | MARCH 2021

Persistence Artwork | Progress Report

March 2021 | Alison shows off the UNIQUE and ORIGINAL exterior paint job that was completed by a variety of Volunteers of all ages.  

Projects For Kids | Magic Bus Dreams

Persistence Project For Kids

March 2021 | Persistence gets an exterior make-over with a painting project for kids in the neighborhood along with arts and crafts plus a musical treat.  

Persistence in the Fall Sun

Persistence Tour | Introduction

November 10, 2020 | On a sunny, snow-melting day, in fall, Alison gives us an inside peek inside Persistence and shares how her decorations have meaning behind them.  

Persistence Gets A New Home

Persistence First Day Home

October 25, 2020 | It is Persistence’s first day at her new home and Alison shares how Persistence is the Glass House she dreamed about and is also in a setting similar to the one she drew on her Vision Boards; where people can Connect and Bond with Nature.  

Persistence Magic Bus Dreams

Persistence Travels Home | Adoption

October 22, 2020 | Join Alison on her MAGICAL Carpet Ride as the Journey of Persistence begins with an exciting Road Trip to her new FOREVER HOME.   Manifest DestinyMagic School Bus Mobile Glass House

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