Persistence Reimagined | Progress Report

Persistence Reimagined

May 3, 2021 Part 2 | Persistence Reimagined

Brett of Kridana Outdoors is working on the interior floor plan of Persistence and discusses the various options with Alison on how they should proceed.


Persistence Reimagined

Brett and Alison think aloud as they brain storm and float ideas back and forth about the kitchen layout, lounge and workspace area, and the possibility of a bathtub, hammock and helipad.


Persistence Reimagined

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This is just the beginning of the JOURNEY for Persistence as She will undergo a MAGICAL Transformation in order for Her to serve Humanity as an Inspiration Station.


Magic Bus Dreams Persistence
Persistence Reimagined



    Magic Bus Dreams is fueled by donations and voluntary contributions to sustain general maintenance, repairs, fuel, supplies and general overhead to keep Persistence operating.

    Persistence Reimagined


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