Magic Bus Dreams Community


THANKS to all these generous SOULS who have dedicated their time,
ENERGY and resources to making this DREAM POSSIBLE.

They have been an INSPIRATION on this adventurous JOURNEY
in LIFE and a VITAL instrument in transforming PERSISTENCE.

Persistence Sticker


Alison also has a great deal of appreciation for Kyle Cease and his Team

She was inspired by the phrase “It’s Totally Possible” which grew from Kyle Cease’s community called, Evolving Out Loud.

Alison also practiced a weekly exercise of people speaking back and forth to each other about what is totally possible in this world while raising the positive vibration of our planet.

She has shared this exercise with her adult friends and hopes one day to have the first children’s version of it as she travels about in her Magical Bus that is Divinely Guided to provide and promote random acts of kindness.

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Kridana Outdoors offers custom vehicle systems and interiors and we build every project like it's our own.

We design, fabricate and install all parts of your dream recreational vehicle, listening to your unique needs and bringing our own experience and ideas to the table. Whether you're starting with a school bus, new or older van, cargo trailer, or haven't decided what platform you want to build, we're here to help you through the planning process and build you the recreational vehicle you've been dreaming about.

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Meet the specialist who have taken great care of Persistence and can meet all of your automotive needs too.

By choosing The Shop of Arlington Tire Pros, you are supporting a locally owned and operated business who actively building up our Community.

Click here for more info about The Shop of Arlington Tire Pros.


Farside Photography aims to encourage & capture unconditional love of self, others, & life.

Bri chose the name her company Farside as an ode to the Farside (dark side) of the moon.

“True love goes beyond the light. We need to love unconditionally - all the imperfections - of ourselves, others, and life. Nothing is perfect and there is so much beauty in that. I’m so grateful for where my photography has brought me and all the beautiful folk I have had the honor of capturing while behind the camera.”

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Artist Bret Lane owns Vinyl Lab NW Signs and Graphics, based in Mukilteo, and helps local businesses with their visual marketing needs; including vehicle wraps, custom signs, and vinyl graphics.

Bret also loves helping out friends and family with custom art projects and anything visually awesome, including making all the stickers and signs Alison can dream up.

Click here for more info about Vinyl Lab NW Signs and Graphics.

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Intuitive Healing Bio:

I've been working in the healing arts since 1997. I’m a Licensed Therapist turned Feminine Soul Guide, bridging the gap between traditional therapy and energy healing. Intuition is my guidance system and my clinical background is a framework I draw from intuitively when exploring inner child healing, trauma, the nervous system, and human relationships.

I help people heal at their core, to reconnect to their true nature and inner compass so they begin to realize their wholeness and create the lives they desire by becoming the people they desire to be.

Click here for more info about Amy Rachelle.



Artist, Muralist, and live painter.

Click here for more info about Lisa Leturno.

Magic Bus Dreams Artwork by SALLIE MARTIN


Sallie is a creative, energetic “Jill of all Trades” specializing in Event Production, Personal Hospitality, and Permaculture.


Katlin is a Northwest artist who's vibrant creations are intended to instantly intrigue the senses and uplift the spirit.

An element of her creative process that sets her apart from others is her desire to reuse, re-purpose, and upcycle.

Check out the F Boutique to find a fierce, funky, or fabulous item to add to your wardrobe!

Click here for more info about Katlin.

Special Guests and Events

Kyle Griffith is a music composer and saxophonist based in Seattle, WA. He enjoys supporting and enhancing a variety of musical styles, ranging from dubstep to funk to ambient soundscapes and everything in between.

His stylistic versatility helps him emphasize a wide, expressive emotional range. Since the sax is a wind instrument and has no strings of its own, Kyle G. makes due by tugging at your heartstrings.


Brandon is a unique, colorful, well-traveled Seattleite who’s been behind the chair for over 8 years and loves creating transformative.

Click here for more info about Brandon,


Kim Beekman is the creator of the Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval for Healing Childhood Trauma.

Her team helps people move from a space of anxiety and depression into a connection with their bliss body.

The team works consistently to rewire every layer of the body back to the bliss body until the participant can sustain their own joy from within.

Click here for more info about Kim Beekman.


Joan Barberich is a holder of space—for herself, and for others, in the forms of Inner Alignment coach, body worker, and writing group leader.

She believes unwaveringly in the body’s wisdom, healing power, and transformative creativity, understanding that your answers reside inside.

Click here for more info about Joan Barberich.


“The Financial Shaman” Larry Morrison is a spiritual finance manager who focuses on identifying and eliminating his clients limiting thoughts and
emotions surrounding money.

Click here for more info about Larry Morrison.


Dr. Luu is Master Acupuncturist at Source Springs Health Naturopathic Clinic.

Click here for directions.


Waking the medicine & innate healing capacity within others through the sacred vibrations of Sound, Breathwork and Light Language.

I channel Divine codes from Spirit, our guides and ancestors to support my human family on the path of transformation.

My background is grounded in Shamanic Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Breathwork Ceremony and Light Language.

I offer Heart Medicine Mentorship for those feeling called to activate their own medicine work as well.

Click here for more info about Heart of Hathor.


As an inner alignment Laura Killian coach works to help people overcome disconnection from themselves to achieve self-love and balance by realigning their heart connection and making themselves a priority.

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Senna Zen is an Artist, Mother, Spiritual Teacher, Star Seed, Healer and a lover of nature who also channels her Higher Self for Inner Guidance into the creation of her artwork. She also painted the beautiful Peacock inside Persistence's sitting area.

Her art often reflects her journey of Self Love and insightful visions which stir the Heart, Soul and Inner Child to align with our true calling by Remembering Who We Are. Senna offers Remembering Paintings which includes connecting with Spirit to create a personal spirit journey painting!

Click here to connect with Senna Zen


A community of fierce unconditional lovers dedicated to creating safe spaces for deep connection, co-creation and epic dance parties.

This family is a manifestation of the incredible light beings that have come together through sharing sacred medicine together.

Come play, breathe, move, feel and shine with us! Check out our Retreats, Festivals, Online Ceremonies & other events!

Click here to connect with Liberated Hearts.


Rusty Hill is a Content Producer for Retro Earth Studio and builds fully loaded branded websites like this one.

He considers himself to be Production Spackle because he can fill all the gaps and make content production go smooth.

Rusty also coaches entrepreneurs through the process of launching their brands and building their content platform.

Click here for more info about Retro Earth Studio.

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