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2020 was one of the most POWERFUL years

In March of 2020, just before the pandemic hit Washington state, Alison created vision boards in hopes of manifesting her reality.

Curating the life she wanted that combined her passion for teaching children, nutrition and cooking with the desire to be near water, trees, and be in full alignment.

And utilizing Alison's personal experiences to help earth-friendly organizations and networking with other humanitarian causes that benefit the youth.


to look DEEPER within

As Alison continued to make her vision boards to focus on the life I desired… she joined Soul Inner Alignment by Kim Beekman and team.

This helped Alison focus on her destination and highest vibration. She learned insightful tools to navigate life in a way I had not known before.

Alison created a vision board to manifest Forest Creek Dreams. Another to help earth friendly organizations improve our environment.

Plus a Vision Board to manifest Persistence, the MAGICAL School Bus.

Vision Board


An AMAZING opportunity to adopt a MAGICAL School Bus AROSE to fulfill my DREAMS

The adoption of Persistence, a school bus that had been previously converted into a four bed living quarters complete with a full-size kitchen, shower and private bathroom, occurred in October of 2020.

Persistence has the space and capability to fulfill most my vision boards as it has the functionality and versatility to host events that will transform our world.  

Persistence Magic Bus Dreams

Persistence Travels To Her New Home

It is Persistence's Adoption Day and Alison follows behind Persistence, recording this momentous occasion, as she escorts Persistence to her new home.


Follow Persistence

This is just the beginning of the STORY of Persistence as She will undergo a MAGICAL Transformation over time in order for Her to serve Humanity as an Inspiration Station.

Join us as the JOURNEY of Persistence continues: in : click on PERSISTENCE to view Her updated Timeline of progress.


Magic Bus Dreams is fueled by donations and voluntary contributions to sustain maintenance, repairs, fuel, supplies and overhead to keep Persistence operating.



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