Persistence Update | June 2022

Persistence | Magic Bus Dreams


Welcome to the world of Persistence, the 30 foot beast of a bus, made by infinite collaborations.

She is not just a bus, she is a sacred space birthed from a place called Forest Creek Dreams.

Her mission is to help people connect with their hearts and dreams through sensory and intuitive exploration.

The path of Persistence is diverse, helping create community through heart based gatherings focused on sound healing, breathwork, live music, live art, plant medicine, theatre, dance, imagination, creativity, play, and connecting with the Elements of nature.

This humanitarian, multifaceted, project has travelled to 3 states and plans to travel more.

To help fund the bigger dream, (teaching travel workshops with healers), the owner, Alison, has created Hipcamp and AirBNb stays and experiences.

She recently received a 5 star rating on Hip Camp for stays and experiences at Forest Creek. Now, however, she has relocated 45 minutes south of the airport, to an area called Bonney Lake.

Her new surroundings are in nature with plenty of birds, sunsets, and dips in the CEDAR HOT TUB.

Her bus is next to a: Geo Dome, a yurt, community kitchen, gym, lounge and bathroom.

It's the getaway for those who cant get away.

What a wonderful way to help yourself, connect with nature and help humanity simultaneously.

Welcome to an artists' haven, a solo sleep, a place to read some books, where East meets West, next to a Fairy Tree where dreams come true.

Magic Bus Dreams


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